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        HuaFang Group of China
        Chairman's Note

        Along with China’s reform and opening-up, Huafang’s staff swaggered out since it has founded. 

        Starting from a spinning workshop only with more than one hundred employees in South Jiangsu Province, Huafang Group has gone through strenuous enterprising for more than 30 years. Currently, Huafang has grown to a large share ownership enterprise group, with total assets over RMB 10 Billion and nearly 30,000 employees. It not only becomes one of China’s top 500 companies, but also forms a unique group management style, builds an excellent brand which wins universal praise, refines an inspiring Huafang concept, and constructs a development atmosphere of amiable leaders, trustful customers, and thankful employees. 

        The impetus that guides Huafang’s development lies in enterprise concept of “we are surpassing all the time” and simple purpose of “developing enterprise, improving people’s livelihood”. Just the thought and spirit enable Huafang to go through over 30 years of bumpy development and change history. 

        Standing at a new starting point, Huafang’s staff will work in one heart and one mind, load and strive, surpass unceasingly, never stop, accelerate to integrate with the world’s economy, create first class brand, and make Huafang lasting. Strive for building Huafang a modernized international group, which is not only with scale strength, but also owns core competence and sustainable management ability! 

        Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Secretary of the Party Committee of Huafang Group:

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